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Naikkan kadar Gaji Minima kepada RM1500/bulan!

1.   Setiausaha Agung Transport Workers Union (TWU) dilaporkan oleh akhbar The Star terbitan 02hb Mac 2015 sebagai berkata bahawa kerajaan haruslah menimbangkan untuk menaikkan kadar Gaji Minima dari kadar sekarang kepada kadar baru RM1500/bulan. Kadar sekarang ialah RM900/bulan bagi Semenanjung … Continue reading

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Cruel employer deducting workers’ allowances and commissions

Since those times in the history of men’s civilisation where employer-employee relationship existed at the workplace, there had always been employers who were cruel, who would take advantage of their employees, who were unfair, who cheated, who had similar bad … Continue reading

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