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Employee Dismissal: Do it without trouble, without embarrassment, without financial cost.

1. You have read of instances when a company, being the employer, and its HR Manager were dragged to the court and then got dragged through the media because an employee was “wrongfully dismissed.” The company and the HR Manager … Continue reading

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Kebakaran: risiko, bahaya, akibat, dan langkah pencegahannya

Kebakaran. Api. Semua orang tahu akan risiko, bahaya, dan akibat dari bencana kebakaran. Dan semua orang tahu langkah pencegahan yang boleh dan perlu diambil. Tetapi tahap kepekaan dan kepeduliannya di sesetengah organisasi agak rendah. Kerana kkeuntungan, “profits”, kadang-kadang menjadi keutamaan. … Continue reading

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Great news on women on Malaysian companies’ board of directors

It is quite an encouraging news on women on Malaysian companies’ board of directors, that there remains “only seven public-listed companies in the top 100 nationwide that still have an all-male boardroom.” The Malay Mail reports that according to the Securities … Continue reading

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