About Employment Basics

  • My blog, Employment Basics, is just that: a simple blog talking about and touching on the basic things in employment matters. Basic issues, basic laws, basic information in the employment environment. Because lots of issues first started from the neglect or the lack of knowledge of the basic things. That product defect that cost the company millions of loss started from, most likely, one simple question or request asked by the worker but ignored by the manager.
  • I don’t know all the answers, I don’t have all the knowledge. But I’d still like to share with you, readers of this blog, whatever knowledge and experience I have or gone through from my 20 years of work in the areas of human resource in one Japanese multi-national manufacturer. I hope whatever I am sharing here would be of some benefit to you one way or another, however small it might be.
  • And don’t forget: You, too, have your experience which I’d like to invite you to share with other people in this blog. Employment Basics is also a place for everybody to share all the basic things in employment with one another. You never know, a simple, basic thing or basic information could turn out to be the real thing that would be needed to solve someone’s “complex” problem.

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