Tony Fernandes conferred with honorary PhD by MAHSA University

One-month old news but still worth re-telling.

Last month – March 14th, to be exact – Malaysia’s MAHSA University conferred upon Tan Sri Tony Fernandes an honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Corporate Leadership.

Tony Fernandes and his PhD – photo credit The Star

As reported by the Star newspaper, the university’s pro-chancellor and executive chairman Prof Tan Sri Dr Mohamed Haniffa Abdullah said the university was honoured to present the honorary doctorate to the AirAsia Group CEO, “…a great visionary who made flying accessible. Prior to AirAsia, less than 10% of Malaysians had ever travelled by air. Today, Malaysians not only travel by air frequently, but have the choice of travelling to over 120 global destinations at affordable rates…a beacon of inspiration to all..his hard work, perseverance, determination and self belief is not only laudable, but should be roundly emulated.”

In his acceptance speech, the good Tan Sri told the students that grabbing chances and taking calculated risks had always been his corporate leadership philosophy. He urged them to “…go out there and try everything you want to try, and don’t be afraid of failure. If you fail, then try again.”

An advice worth remembered by all.

Note: The Star further reported that Tony Fernandes also launched the MAHSA University Centre for Global Business, “which will conduct theme-based, multi-disciplinary studies on global business issues.”


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