Terima kasih, Lhoist Group for your investment and job creation in Malaysia!

This blog congratulates the owners and management especially Group Chairman of Belgium’s Lhoist Group Baron Jean-Pierre Berghmans on the official opening of its lime plant in Tapah, Perak, on December 8th 2016 by the Menteri Besar of Perak. We also wish to record our sincerest thanks to the group for its decision to increase its investment in Malaysia and thereby open up additional job opportunities for us.

Lhoist’s first Malaysian plant was in Ipoh area in 2013 when it acquired an existing plant there. As reported in the local media, this plant is its second one, with an investment of some RM700 million. It is a fully automated plant situated on an area of 74ha in Tapah, the most modern lime plant in Asia, and it provides 350 jobs where more than 70% are locals.

The Lhoist Group, according to its website, was established in Belgium in 1889 by Hippolyte Dumont. It has expanded over the years but till today it still remains a family-owned business – although it is now “a global leader in the production of lime, dolomite and minerals” employing 6,000 employees from 40 different nationalities in 100 facilities in more than 25 countries around the world.

We are sure that Lhoist Group will continue with its best employment practice for its employees, and also what is best for society around where it operates. With that, we wish Lhoist Group a long and profitable operations in Malaysia.

#Lhoist #LhoistMalaysia #employmentbasics #Tapah


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