Increase the Minimum Wage to RM1500/month!!

1.   The Secretary General of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) has been reported by the The Star of March 2nd 2015 as having urged the government to consider increasing the Minimum Wage from its present rate to a new one of RM1500/month. At present this is RM900/month for Peninsular Malaysia, RM800/month for Sarawak and Sabah.

2.   Tan Sri Zainal Rampak said that the existing rate was no longer sufficient for workers to support themselves and their families due to the high cost of living these days. He said that the figure of RM900 was something he had mooted way back in 2002, an amount which was no longer relevant now.

3.   Tan Sri Zainal Rampak had also touched on, among other things, on how “some 40% of employers had yet to implement even the current Minimum Wage of RM900. He urged for firm action by the government to bear down on such defiant employers.

4.   We are sure the employers, via the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), would be issuing their usual “we-do-not-agree” response to the suggestion of increasing the Minimum Wage.

5.   Now what is your opinion, whether you are an employer or an employee?


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