Dismissal of a CEO

It’s not every day that you hear or read news of a dismissal of a CEO due to disciplinary reasons.

So when such news came out in the papers, I thought I should share it with you here. At least,

  • For “employees”, you will now hear of one more case of a CEO being dismissed. CEOs do get dismissed 🙂
  • For “management”, you will take note that CEOs can and have been dismissed on disciplinary grounds

And what is that news? Well, from the Sun Daily, we have this:

  • PETALING JAYA (Sept 2, 2013): U Mobile Sdn Bhd…the mobile phone service provider said on Saturday that it has terminated its CEO Jaffa Sany Md Ariffin and he ceased to be an employee of the company with immediate effect, citing “disciplinary action“… http://www.thesundaily.my/news/818636

The nature of such disciplinary action was not revealed, however, but that should be enough. You don’t spread on the ground for all to see what the reasons were that caused such a high level employee to be dismissed. But you could, on your own, conclude that it must be something very serious, it had to be. It couldn’t just be over an absence of two successive days without approval, or sleeping while on duty.

Finally, let’s just briefly mention that a CEO can be dismissed just like a machine operator can be so dismissed because the CEO, just like the machine operator, is, under the law, also a “workman“. Accordingly once dismissed, he may seek reinstatement for wrongful or unfair dismissal under Section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act — yes, just like any other employee of the company.


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