Cruel employer deducting workers’ allowances and commissions

Since those times in the history of men’s civilisation where employer-employee relationship existed at the workplace, there had always been employers who were cruel, who would take advantage of their employees, who were unfair, who cheated, who had similar bad behaviours.

Let us show you here one such actual example, in this case taken from a newspiece appearing in  July 4th 2013, and long may it be our guide:


Munirah Rahman

PETALING JAYA (July 4, 2013): The Transport Worker’s Union (TWU) is alleging that logistic companies are not following the standard minimum wage of RM900 set by the government. TWU secretary-general Tan Sri Zainal Rampak said that nearly 10,000 logistic workers are affected by this and wants the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia to take action on employers who failed to abide. “From complaints we received, about 500 logistic companies in Port Klang have been deceiving almost 10,000 workers by not giving the promised minimum wage of RM900.

“The workers should get RM900 but the companies deduct RM550 for their allowances and commissions, so they only get RM350, which is the same amount as their old salaries. “I have made a complaint to the labour office because it has been going on since January,” Zainal said at a press conference at TWU heaquarters today.

He claimed that the workers, mostly trailer drivers, are afraid to lodge complaints as they fear repercussions. “This is not fair for the workers as they should enjoy the benefits of minimum wage given by the government. I also believe there are other companies who are abusing their workers in regard to their salaries,” he said.

According to the National Wage Consultation Act 2011, employers who fail to implement the minimum wage can be fined a maximum RM10,000 for each employee, and be liable to an additional fine of RM1,000 for each day the offence continues after conviction. Subsequently, in the case of a repeated offence after the first conviction, the employer is liable to a fine not exceeding RM20,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.


Good that reports are being lodged with the authorities, to be followed with investigations, interviewing the workers and employers, reports prepared and submitted to the Minister, the whole process of which we don’t know how long it will take…in the eman time, the workers continue to be deprived of their due wages.

Such despicable acts by employers had certainly happened during the Industrial Revolution days, during the 19th century, the 20th century, during the British colonisation of Malaya, and are  still happening these days all over the world despite almost everybody being highly educated. Because our greedy and selfish attitude that has engulfed us.


Note: Our apologies to bosses and employers — Certainly there are also employees who are equally cruel, dishonest, with terribly bad habits and attitudes etc but this writing is focused on employers so we have just written only about employers.


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