Employment basics

Every working person is in employment. He may be somebody’s employee, or he may be other people’s employer. No matter what and where he stands, he will have to deal with a few things either at the same time or at different times, which will definitely include (but not limited to): his job, his boss, his subordinate, his employees, himself, other third parties.

In the employment world, there will be issues to deal with and problems to solve, questions to answer to. It could be a plain, simple problem. It could be a complex,  multi-million dollar problem. It might be solved in a matter of one phone call that took five minutes, it might take a whole team of negotiators to argue and bargain over a period of months.

That’s why we must go back to basics to solve all things. In employment, problems are caused by some very basic things, e.g:

  • employee de-motivation could be caused by a little miscommunication
  • a legal dispute might arise out of a simple but misunderstood word in the employment contract

Try our best to dig deep to find the real cause of the problem or issue. Because what appears on the surface hides the real thing beneath.



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